Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The house sits in the lush settings amidst a tranquail area of Bishopsgate.

CSYA seems to have continued their winning formula from the Prize winning condominium off River Valley in this articulation of a bungalow using fair-faced concrete as the external finish.

The condominium Robertson Blue was the winner in the Residential Category at the SIA Architectural Design Awards in 2006.
Fashioned with pitched roofs to create a stately, almost traditional looking house, the use of concrete adds an interesting twist to the brick work so often associated with the house of this nature.

The house was completed in 2008, and certainly looks like yet another winner from CSYA.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Handy Road

A funky new addition to the trendy downtown area of Dohby Gaut has slowly taken shape with a new offering from SCDA. This is situated alongside the already bustling stretch of Handy Road from Plaza Singapura to The Cathay cinema.

I managed to get a couple of glimpes of the building just before it completes constrution. The finishing of the building is sleek, with its glazing treatment. Consisting of a single block of apartments in a tight site, the building is about 12 stories, and is located right in front to the pedestrain walkway. A funky laminated glass facade recalling the silohuette of foilage protrudes to over the walkway and adds interest to the overall composition. One can glimpse a swimming pool popping out on the side.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Boulevard Residences (BLVD)

Developer: SC Global
Architect: SCDA

Standing tall at 36 stories, this luxurious development is situated at Cuscaden walk - a premium location in downtown. Directly opposite Wheelock Place and Four Seasons hotel, this condomium has a striking presence.

The facade is designed based on a unitised curtain wall with tinted lamindated heat strengthened external vertical glass. The full curtain wall glass offers panaromic views across the city skyline. On one side is the stairway that is tastefully done with perforated metal, based on 2 tones and intensity of perforation.

I particularly like the interplay of materials and the modern language that is expressed on the facacde. The facade is developed together with the architect and renowed engineering firm Arup Engineering (http://www.arup.com/singapore/project.cfm?pageid=7068).

The development consists of 2 towers linked by a skybridge with a stunning cantilevered pool at the 3rd floors and sky gardens at the 13th and 24th floor. The orientation of the building is strategically located to be in a north-south orientation.

With average unit sizes at about 2000 ft2, the units are fairly luxurious - consisting of 3+1 and 4+1 units. The spaces are generous with cross ventilation through-out. Truly a piece of art, with its efficient space planning, and sophisticated modern facade. One of my favourite residential developments in the country ...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Berima Bungalows

Architect: K2LD

Completed in 2003 by the consumate architectural firm K2LD, this pair of houses is a based on a modern language of geometry simplicity.

The palette is clean and uncomplicated, with white washed walls and slit glass windows. A large timber canopy displaced in an asymmetrical approach.

I like the way the design sits nicely in its surroundings waiting to be noticed, and doesn't shout with anything too loud.

The highlight of the house has got to be the roof top swimming pool encasesd in glass, that is slightly visible from the front facade.

There were some other interesting houses along the way as well... here's a few that caught my eye...

And further along a earlier offering from WOHA...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Trumps

Architect: W Architects
ID: W Architects

Located in the east of town, Kembangan, we have another sleek high-rise residential from W Architects. Articulated with clean lines and details, the building stands out as a designer apartment in its own right...

An early contribution under the guidance of chief design architect and director of the firm Mok Wei Wei, the building is striking with its series of aluminium fins and clean glass facade, i.e without the bay windows that is so typical of local residential developments.

I like how the building is expressed, with its mullion design clearly accentuating its height. The divisions are regular with one large window and 2 smailler ones for instance, and lining up all the way from ground to highest floor. The horizontal fins compliment and complete the clean glass facade.

The details are executed well, right down to the handrails and the landscape elements. Definitely having a look if you around the area. A modern development from the same firm that designed Paterson Edge and Aris (also called the Rebirth of Paterson Edge!), which brought them instant fame and recognition.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sentosa Bungalows

Sentosa Bungalows - SCDA

Off the island of Singapore is a piece of offshore paradise that's become an extremely expensive and exlcusive piece of real estate - Sentosa.

All the houses there have been commissioned to be designed by some of the most well-known architects in Singapore.

So, before all these houses complete construction and the rich kids move into 'em, I figured it would be nice to capture some of their more memorable designs. SCDA made a significant contribution in this respect...

A similar offering from SCDA was found at yet another house.

But the first to arrive from yet the same firm, is this one that's nestled within tall green surroundgs. Managed to a glimpse but the sea facing side reveals a huge expanse of open out door space totally inviting for anyone. Now I wanna get invited to a party here...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Barker Road Bungalows

A series of bungalows designed by K2LD.

The composition is pure clean lines articulated with a palette of coloured glass and timber and black powder-coated alumnium.
Pretty funky job guys.